Sun. Aug 25th, 2019


ZIMBABWE STANDOFF!!! Here are the latest updates!

Negotiations went on till early hours of Thursday morning and the negotiations are to resume this morning.

Our source informs us that there are 2 scenarios:

-Mugabe retires entirely leaving the army to put together an interim government.

-Mugabe hands over power to a person of his choosing that he can trust not to put him or any of his family in jail later when the police and the judiciary have been reformed.

Mugabe has got many demands that he is insisting on and the main one is not making Mnangagwa the interim President as he feels Mnangagwa will go after Mugabe’s political allies in ZANU PF and also Mugabe himself will be vulnerable.
So what is causing the standoff?
– The Military wants Mnangagwa as Interim President.
– Mugabe wants absolute impunity and protection of his wealth and asserts in Zimbabwe and abroad.
– Mugabe wants security details for his family.
– Mugabe wants all his demands to have legal security so that nothing can be changed after he steps down.

Caveat: Don’t be surprised if the interim president ends up being someone other than Mnangagwa if Mugabe maintains his advantage in the negotiations.

Mugabe is not negotiating on his own, he has got other allies and lawyers as well so it’s not as straight forward as you may be thinking. There are also other players, the opposition as well as ZAPU representatives as well