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Why we love DJ Zinhle’s new hair



Getting the Big Chop is a brave decision many women make during different phases of their lives. Here’s why we absolutely love DJ Zinhle’s new haircut!

DJ Zinhle recently debuted her new short hairdo on Instagram, and we think she looks absolutely beautiful. We’re used to seeing her with a funky weave, but this time she’s gone natural, swapping out her usual long tresses for what she’s called a ‘brave hairdo’.

On Valentine’s Day this year, actress Mmabatho Montsho posted a picture of her new ‘do’ on Instagram with the caption: “My wish this Valentine’s Day is that all kinds of love & consensual unions be respected & celebrated. I also wish courage upon those in unloving situations to free themselves. Happy Valentine’s Day friends.”

Inspired by Montsho’s decision to cut off all her hair, we recently wrote an article about how having the Big Chop makes women feel liberated.

While some women attribute this kind of decision to a change of season in their lives, others cut their hair when they’ve grown tired of succumbing to the misconception that in order to be beautiful you have to have sleek hair. Another group of women said they realised how chemicals had damaged their hair and they simply wanted to start afresh.

The natural hair conversation is an on-going one, with many women inspired to go for the Big Chop upon hearing the stories of those who have gone before them.

Mbali Cindi (24) says she’s been struggling with depression and anxiety and has been working through it. “I am at a point where I want to live and not let this control my life, so I cut my hair to symbolise starting a new life, she says. “But I also wanted to take away the one thing that I thought made me beautiful (my big afro) and force myself to dig deeper and find the things that have nothing to do with my outer appearance that make me beautiful.

“I wanted to force myself to feel anxiety and fear and at the same time prove to myself that in the end things will be okay. In the beginning, I would never have cut my hair, believing I would look ugly, and always worrying about what other people would say. I had hectic anxiety in that moment, but after I cut my hair I felt so good about myself.”

There are many benefits to making the Big Chop, such as:

  • Getting rid of chemically or heat-damaged hair.
  • The opportunity to grow your hair into whatever style you like.
  • Learning to love yourself in your most natural form.
  • Confidence, confidence and more confidence!
  • A feeling of complete liberation.

We know it’s been a rocky year for Zinhle, having gone through a very public break-up amidst the birth of her beautiful daughter, Kairo Owethu Forbes. We can’t help but wonder if this new look signifies a new beginning for her, the same way it has for other women. Rock it, girl!

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Victor Fungai Muzvidzwa is the founder and senior editor of magazine.

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Lightening Addiction – Here’s How Much Khanyi Mbau Spends On Her Skin




Ever since the news of Media Personality broke that she use certain products to lighten her skin most people were left wondering of how much it would cost to look that ‘light’.

Social media users have been commenting negatively about her change of skin tone, instead of being discouraged the actress just looked much more lighter. Most people are left with questions of ‘how does she do it’ or ‘why’.

Mbau goes through a medical skin lightening called Glucatathione IV, not only is the name difficult to pronounce but the process is not as easy.
This IV is something that has to be ongoing since it is intended to fight the natural production of melanin in the body, it’s something you obliged to use regularly to keep your skin tone lighter. As we all aware every medicine we use comes with side effects.

This one can cause severe damage to internal organs such as kidney and cause a variety of infections. The benefit of the product is that it works all over the body.

The company Mbau goes to revealed the prices which read : a single dose of IV session starts at R950 , A double dose at R1500. Packages for 10 single doses at R14 000.

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Usually, powerful skin lightening creams are available on prescription from a doctor. These usually contain one or both of the following medications: hydroquinone and corticosteroids (steroid medication), such as hydrocortisone.

Products containing these ingredients that haven’t been prescribed by a doctor are banned in advanced countries, but we are looking forward to the day such measures would be taken in Africa, Nigeria precisely, as they can cause serious side effects if used incorrectly.

Products containing other potentially harmful substances such as mercury are also banned. Thus, it’s usually appropriate you  ensure that you check the ingredients of any product before you buy it. Avoid it if hydroquinone, corticosteroids or mercury are listed in the ingredients, or if it doesn’t come with a list of ingredients. Many alternative skin lightening products containing natural ingredients are available online and in shops without prescription. These are legal and unlikely to be harmful, but there’s no guarantee they work.

We live in a country where some persons don’t look before they leap; all they care about if just to be beautiful by being light-skinned thus, you find many illiterate Nigerians falling prey of very harmful bleaching products in the name of skin lightening.

Skin lightening products

Well, here the three signs that show you are using the wrong skin lightening cream;

1. Skin Irritation and Inflammation:

Usually, when you notice the redness and swelling of your skin, with the knowledge that you are using a skin lightening product at that time, this is known to be a skin irritation and inflammation hence, you have been using the wrong product.

2. Itchy and flaky skin:

The skin usually itches and flakes, as an indication that there is presently a harmful skin care product being used. Once this is noticed, it is best to quit using such before it becomes worse. There could also be some abnormalities in newborn babies as a result of using the wrong lightening cream during pregnancy.

3. Burning or stinging sensation:

Harmful skin lightening products usually bring about a burning or stinging sensation. With this, you have your skin scary, turning dark and thinning.

In all, wrong skin lightening creams are extremely dangerous to the skin. This is the main reason you should be on the lookout for a good skin lightening cream!

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