Fri. May 24th, 2019


What REALLY HAPPENED!!! Lawyer of the implicated funeral parlors SPEAKS OUT!

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South African company, Kings and Queens Funeral Services, says it will will take legal action over the ‘damage to its reputation’ after a South African pastor Alpha Lukau used their hearse while performing a stunt in which he claimed to have resurrected a dead person.

In a statement on Monday, Kings and Queens Funeral Services distanced itself from the supposed resurrection of a man by Hallelujah Ministries after his body was allegedly stored at their premises.

They denied that the man’s body had ever been in their care or that he’d ever even been dead to begin with.

They said they had been approached by “alleged family members of the deceased” who had told them they had encountered a dispute with a different funeral service provider and wanted to use their transport services, which the company agreed to.