➤Cupping your face
If he tenderly cups your face just before or after sex it shows he’s genuinely into you and possibly falling in love. Focusing on your face when he could look at your breasts means he’s into your brain as well as your body.

➤Touching your shoulders
The shoulder looks vulnerable and, although it’s non-erogenous, it’s a sensitive area to touch while you’re having sex. Touching your shoulder with his fingertips or even kissing it gently means he’s into you emotionally as well as sexually.

➤Your back
Men feel generous and virtuous about stroking a girl’s back because it shows they’re spending time being affectionate rather than grabbing your breasts. It means he wants to please you rather than himself.

➤Kissing your hand
By kissing the palm of your hand, he’s taking a part of your body that you display when you’re being open and honest, showing he’s interested in that side of you. It’s a way of letting you
know he wants to trust you.

➤Your feet
If he strokes or massages your feet with his hands, or even rubs them with his own feet while you’re having sex, it means he’s eager to please you and make you happy.



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