Ayanda Mpama

Our Perfect Wedding presenter Ayanda Mpama chats to us about her final episodes and her journey with the show

After hosting only 13 episodes, Our Perfect Wedding Season Five host Ayanda Mpama will bid farewell to the show next Sunday.

On Monday it was reported that she was given the boot by the show’s producers after viewers complained about her lack of presenting skills, and her inability to live up to Season Four host Tumi Morake’s charm and wit. But Mzansi Magic has denied that this was the reason behind Mpama’s sudden exit.

Our Perfect Wedding has a programme format where each season a new presenter delivers the show. Our viewers have become accustomed to this and it comes as no surprise that this Sunday’s show will be Ayanda Mpama’s last,” M-Net Head of Public Relations: Local Entertainment Channels Nondumiso Mabece said in a statement.

Since she took over as host on 5 July, Mpama’s received nothing but criticism on social media, but according to the Mzansi Magic team, this did not affect viewership.

“Our Perfect  Wedding viewers have really enjoyed this season with Ayanda and this is evident by the rising audience numbers.”

The channel did not comment on rumours that they will be bringing Morake back, and would only say that they’d be announcing a surprise for Our Perfect Wedding fans this week. Whether or not the “surprise” will be Morake’s return remains to be seen.

“From the 4th October, Mzansi Magic viewers can look forward to exciting new developments to the show. An official announcement will be made soon including gifts made possible by the programme sponsor ABSA,” Mabace said.

I was having so much fun that I felt it outweighed the negativity

Mpama shared the highs and lows of being part of the show with DESTINY and how much she’s going to miss it.

“It’s bittersweet. I knew what I was in for and obviously the number of episodes I had to do, but I am going to miss the show because I had so much fun, and I will miss the excitement of shooting. By the same token, however, I am excited that I can lay back and watch the show on Sundays like other people, knowing that I will not be scrutinised,” she says, adding that she had anticipated criticism when she accepted the job.

“I expected the negativity; I feel that it comes with the territory, so I was not surprised. I will say that I enjoyed presenting the show so much and I was having so much fun that I felt it outweighed the negativity,” she says.

The thrill of not knowing what was going to happen next was one of her highlights.

“No day was the same. It was that unpredictability that I enjoyed the most. It was never the same day twice,” she says.

“The challenging part of the show was keeping up the energy. It can be hard to keep up the energy from 7am to 7pm where you have to ask the couple “Was this your perfect wedding?”

Viewers will bid farewell to Mpama on Sunday, as this will be her final episode.


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