It was almost like a love story on last night’s episode of Uyandithanda Na? as the woman quickly made it clear that she was in love with the man. They met in a shop and the guy offered his trolley to the beautiful lady and he earned her number.

They became friends and he decided he got to take it a step further and ask her out and he did what any scared man would do, he called the Mzansi Magic show Uyangithanda Na. She saw him and she said she loved him too and my word it was a love scene with K!SSES and holding hands… As always twitter fans responded and this is what they had to say.

Even though the participant managed to win over his crush’s heart, it was his ‘auto-delete’ WhatsApp settings that stole the show.

Mbuso, revealed to host Moshe Ndiki, that his WhatsApp automatically deleted messages after a chat. This after Moshe asked if he could see what Mbuso and his crush were talking about the night before.

Twitter could not believe that such a feature existed on the texting app, well at least in Mbuso’s world it does.

Tweeps flooded the social media platform with comments that ripped Mbuso to shreds.