Unathi and her husband Thomas ‘Bad Boy T’ Msengana are rumoured to be heading for divorce and one of the reasons for the alleged trouble in paradise is Unathi allegedly cheating on her husband.

Insiders, who insisted the celebrity couple’s relationship was on the brink of a “catastrophic failure”. This as Unathi and Thomas “Bad Boy T” Msengana were allegedly no longer sleeping in the same bedroom and rumoured to have split.

One source even said Unathi’s ring was accumulating dust at the bottom of her accessories drawer because she wasn’t wearing it anymore. According to the first mole, Bad Boy T was having sleepless nights at the thought of his wife spending too much time with her personal trainer.

Said the mole: “Things are bad and he suspects there’s something between them and he doesn’t like it one bit.”

A second source said Bad Boy T was turned off by the idea of Unathi cheating on him.

“He’s been upset. No married man wants his woman spending too much time with another man,” said the source. “Family has been roped in to try and save their marriage, and they’re trying hard to fix it. They lead separate lives.”

But a third friend said: “Unathi is gatvol with Thomas. She discovered disturbing things in his life. Yes, it involves a third party and she’s confronted him many times before about this issue.”

A fourth insider cited financial issues as the reason behind the couple’s rough patch.

“Remember, Unathi quit her Metro FM job earlier this year. And minus her salary, they have it really bad,” said the source.

“Unathi’s been carrying Thomas for years. Maybe, she expected things to be easier when she quit, but they’ve become worse.”

Unathi and Thomas were not available for comment this week.