Word has it Tyga has stepped in to help Kylie Jenner with her reported pregnancy in Travis Scott’s absence! Here’s all the EXCLUSIVE details.

With Kylie Jenner, 20, expecting her reported first child soon and her boyfriend Travis Scott, 25, often out touring, we’re hearing that the young reality star has turned to an old friend and onetime BF for support during this difficult time — Tyga, 28. Our insiders say Kylie has been going behind Travis’ back to talk to Tyga. “She justifies it by the fact that Travis has been neglecting her,” an insider revealed. “If he’d been more attentive she never would have been vulnerable to Tyga. Kylie feels like Travis is to blame for this whole situation, not her. Until Travis proves that he can be counted on, Kylie’s going to keep Tyga around,  he’s a security blanket, a backup plan.”

Our insider went on to add Tyga has proven to be more reliable than Travis and that means a lot to her. “It gives her a lot of comfort to have Tyga there. He always texts her right back, even if she calls in the middle of the night he picks up. In a lot of ways he’s more solid than Travis. Tyga isn’t dumb, he knows he’s the backup plan right now and he’s fine with that. Tyga is counting on Kylie giving up on Travis and when she does, Tyga will be ready to catch her.” Head here to see more pics from when Kylie and Tyga were an item.

As we previously reported, it’s possible Ky is using Tyga when Travis is gone. “Travis has been spending more time with Kylie the past few weeks,” a source. “He’s got some downtime and he’s finally making her a priority. But he’s still not as present as Kylie would like. When he’s at her place he’s always on his phone, he’s very distracted and that gets Kylie upset. When she’s upset with Travis that’s when she starts texting with Tyga. Travis would be shocked if he knew how much she’s in contact with Tyga lately. Any time she’s mad at Travis, she texts Tyga. There have been times she’s been messaging back and forth with Tyga while Travis is in the other room.” This sounds like it’s headed for trouble!