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Fri. Nov 15th, 2019


Twitter Is Absolutely Shook!!! Beyoncé & Jay-Z Drops Their Surprise Album ‘Everything Is Love’

Today, Beyoncé and Jay-Z stunned the world when they released a surprise joint album titled “Everything Is Love.” They announced it during their London On The Run II tour show, and basically, fans went ballistic.

Here are the best Twitter reactions to this incredible, wonderful, joyous surprise.



They released the nine track album (with a bonus song called “Salud”) on Tidal, which means you can only stream it if you have a Tidal account. Everyone else, tough luck. The couple first announced the collaboration on stage, but then Beyoncé posted about the album on her Instagram three separate times. This is her first album since 2016’s “Lemonade” and his first since 2017’s “4:44.”

As if the album itself weren’t enough, the most iconic couple in the world also dropped a Ricky Saiz-directed video for “Apeshit,” which they shot in the literal Louvre Museum in Paris last month. THE LOUVRE MUSEUM. Like, casually. You can watch it below.

FYI, there’s a very adorable Blue Ivy cameo in this video that you need to emotionally prepare yourself for, and a Rumi and Sir shoutout that’s equally cute.

So yeah, consider your Saturday officially #blessed and get ready to listen to this album on repeat for the rest of time (if you have Tidal, that is).