Mara Louw’s character on The Queen is going to give us all chest pains with her temper and mood swings.

Just a day after crying her eyes out after being confronted by a heartbroken Jerry, she went on to call poor Bakang every name under the sun.

Fresh from getting schooled in an emotional encounter with Shona Ferguson’s character on Monday, Boi (played by Mara), decided to confront Jerry’s son who slept with his father’s partner.

Boi used words on Bakang that we’re even scared to repeat here – in case our mother reads this. In fact, it scared Bakang so much that he even had an emotional breakdownafterward

Twitter fans, who were shaken by the outbursts shared hilarious memes and comments about the fiasco.

While some believed that Boi was right to confront Bakang, others thought she was a hypocrite after keeping quiet about the affair earlier.

Robocop for who? It is Boi that we should all be scared of.