“THERE is no need for South African artists to die poor any more.”

This was what Dodo Monamodi of the Independent Music Performance Rights Association said after Minister of Arts and Culture Nathi Mthethwa last week announced needle time royalties would be paid in future.

This method of paying royalties means artists are paid directly every time their tracks are played on air.

Previously, payments were made to producers.

The first set of payments will be made for songs played on the 18 SABC radio stations between 2014 and 2015.

Monamodi told Daily Sun: “The Association, as a collective society for independent artists, has a great task ahead in order to make sure both artists and producers are paid fairly and equally.”

He said they had set up a structure called the Moses Declaration Campaign to ensure funds were distributed transparently.

“Gone are the days when royalty collecting organisations collect money and don’t distribute it accordingly.

“This plan is waiting for approval from the Companies and Intellectual Property Commission and will be rolled out within two months.”

Monamodi said he was calling on all independent artists and producers to contact his office to update their contact details and banking information.