A war has broken out between TV actress Tina Jaxa and consortium PulaNala Mining and Energy over the estate of her late husband and businessman Prosper Mkwaiwa.

Jaxa has accused the consortium’s chairman Mafika Sihlali of withholding dividends which were supposed to have been paid into the estate of Mkwaiwa as he was one of the shareholders.

The consortium rejected her claims, saying Mkwaiwa was not entitled to a payout as he was fired before the dividends in question were declared.

Mkwaiwa died after a short illness on January 31 2015 and Jaxa, who was still married to him in community of property, even though they were separated for more than a decade, was appointed an executrix of the estate.

The fight broke out when her lawyers were winding down the estate. Jaxa discovered that Mkwaiwa was a shareholder in PulaNala Mining and Energy, but the consortium did not pay Mkwaiwa’s portion of the dividends – said to be over R1.4-million – into his estate, allegedly as directed by Sasol and other shareholders.