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Fri. Sep 20th, 2019


TAKING A HIATUS!!! Jabulani “Cashflow” Ngcobo is taking a break!

Millionaire and forex trader  Jabulani “Cashflow” Ngcobo is taking a break from hosting seminars!

Cashsflow posted a message on his Instagram page, “Greetings; officially I will be temporarily putting all my Forex trainings, provision of signals and hosting seminars *on hold* until further notice. I am taking this opportunity to focus on trading my own funds, after all is said and done I am a Forex Trader – none of the things said about were able to erase my skills. So, for as long as I have the internet, I will always be making money. I feel deeply sorry for those will be affected by this decision but I wish to take this chance to thank everyone who has believed in my skills and congratulate those who have also benefited”.