Did you just see that?! Shane McMahon battled Kevin Owens in a ‘Hell In A Cell’ match and it was a brutal war! Then Shane took a jump you need to see to believe! Check it out.

The WWE Universe knew something like this was going to happen, but sports entertainment fans were still shocked by what went down during Shane McMahon’s match with Kevin Owens, 33. The 47-year-old SmackDown Live commissioner faced Kevin in a Hell In The Cell match on Oct. 8, and fans waited to see if Shane – or Kevin – would do the unthinkable: jump off the 20-foot-tall structure. Well, fans got their wish! After Owens fell through a table, the match looked over. But McMahon put him on another table, climbed the cell and took the plunge. Talk about unforgettable.

The twist here is the WWE used Sami Zayn to save Owens from McMahon’s jump. Does this mean their longtime feud is at an end? Owens won the match by pinfall thanks to Zayn literally lifting Owens on top of McMahon. What an finish! This ongoing feud between Kevin and Shane seemed to start at SummerSlam, when Shane (while officiating the match between KO and AJ Styles, 40) seemed to cost Kevin the United States Title. Things came to a head – literally – when Kevin attacked Shane’s father, WWE CEO and Chairman Vince McMahon, headbutting Vince before delivering a devastating frog splash. Shane vowed revenge, and on the Oct. 3 episode of SmackDown Live, he made this match a Falls Count Anywhere contest. That means Shane or Kevin could secure the win if they pinned their opponent anywhere in the Little Caesers Arena in Detroit, Michigan.

Shane has earned himself a reputation as a daredevil in the WWE. He famously dove off the top of a steel cage onto the Mean Street Posse during a 1999 episode of Monday Night Raw, per The Sportster. Two years later, he made WWE history by diving off the Titantron onto The Big Show. However, Shane will forever be known for the stunt he pulled while facing Steve Blackman. During SummerSlam 2000, Shane fought “The Lethal Weapon” in a hardcore match. The two battled up the side of the Titantrons, and Shane ultimately took a 50-foot-plunge to the stage below.

Even after a break away from the WWE, Shane didn’t lose his daring edge. When he returned in 2016 to face The Undertaker at WrestleMania 32, he didn’t back down. Just like Mankind (aka Mick Foley, 52) did when facing the Deadman at 1998 King Of The Ring, Shane took a dive off of the top of the Hell In The Cell, plummeting to the announcer’s table below.