The shocking video of a couple hooking up on a Californian beach has been gone viral since it was leaked online.

A RANDY couple was filmed performing a sex act in broad daylight on one of California’s most popular surfing beaches.

The clip, which first emerged on video-sharing site Liveleak, shows a woman wearing a black bikini getting a little too carried away on top of a man at Seabright State Beach in Santa Cruz.

The high-intensity video, which lasts for more than six minutes, shows passers-by stumble past the couple.

They are eventually disturbed by an angry beach warden, who it appears drove his vehicle right up to them.

The warden appears to lecture the lovers before the man hands something over to him.

The raunchy scene has been watched by thousands since it was shared online today.

Many shared their disgust on social media.

Another said: “Broad daylight in the middle of a beach is a bit extreme.”

One shocked dad wrote: “Seabright is a family beach – I take my kids there.”

Others suggested the couple would have been fined for their affection.

Seabright State Beach is described as a “long and sandy scenic point, used for volleyball, swimming, surfing and windsurfing” by the authorities in Santa Cruz.

More than 60,000 live in the city, which is around 75 miles south of San Francisco and calls itself “the birthplace of mainland surfing in the United States”.