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SEX LIFE: 5 things every guy wants to hear during sex

For women, to be able to rightly communicate your needs wants and words of validation for Le Boo during sex, you must have attained a level of confidence in your sexuality.

Without sexual confidence, not only will you leave your pleasure to chance, you’ll also be dulling your partner and shortchanging yourself. Communication during sex is a tool for experiencing better sex and of course, building better bonds.

So what and what should you say to your partner during sex?

1. Touch here

Yes, a guy should have the basic knowledge of what to do and places to touch but because all women are not the same and your body might have special requirements, you absolutely should be willing and ready to direct him to where true pleasure really lies.

2. Don’t stop

Doing the same thing over and over again might become too boring. On the flipside it might feel so good no matter how long it takes.

So if you are enjoying something he’s doing and he tries to switch things up, don’t be too shy to speak up.

“No, don’t stop…”

3. Yes, you’re doing good!

Don’t just let your moans suggest this. Be positive about it, too!

If he’s good and he’s hitting all the right spots, come on, you need to speak up.

You know how what good validation does for men.

4. Dirty talk

Find your ‘slutty’ and operate on that level. A dirty word here, and another one there won’t hurt nobody, provided you and your man both swing in that direction.

5. I liked it when you…

Don’t forget to give positive reviews afterwards. Whether during pillow talk or on the morning after.

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Since he’s your partner for the long term, you need to let him know what he got right and whether could do better next time.

You know what’s better than bomb sex today?

Bomb sex tomorrow and every other time!

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