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THE VERDICT: AKA’s new album Touch My Blood is not for the haters!



AKA’s latest platter won’t win over any haters, but by the sounds of things, he doesn’t care.

AKA is back, but you probably know that already.

He has been telling the world about it, loudly, and Touch My Blood has already been declared a classic by both himself and his biggest fans.

There’s so much hype swirling around Touch My Blood, that I find myself listening to the album over and over again, in a sustained effort to try and work out what I’m missing.

I understand that he delivers a slick product, combining hip hop and pop seamlessly. His technical skill and showmanship are not up for debate here. But even in a genre where flossing and projecting success is not only allowed but expected, Super Mega lays it on uncomfortably thick.

Over 17 tracks, AKA tells us how well he’s doing, confronts issues with his ex Bonang Matheba (on ‘Beyonce’ and ‘Daddy Issues II’) and tells the haters how little he cares about them.

There’s a bit of politics as well, with several references to taking the land back. There are many, many lines about what he’s been drinking and smoking mixed in with a bit of self-reflection and tales of drowning his sorrows in bottles. But much like Drake, even when he looks inward it’s hard to relate because he always tempers it with a bit of bragging one or two lines later.

On ‘Fully In’ he indulges in the time honoured tradition of making a hook out of a famous South African’s name (“Shoot to Kill, Bheki Cele” his answer to SA hip hop tracks ‘Tito Mboweni’, ‘Pearl Thusi’ and ‘Bob Mabena’).

Lines like “My stature international / You flying Mango / Your baggage goes to Cabanas / I’m at the Palace” sound like a variation on the time he tweeted a picture of the lobster he was about to eat with the caption “How’s your King Pie right now?”.

And on it goes. He talks about how he doesn’t need to care about awards on ‘Magriza’, how well he adapts to changing trends on ‘Star Signs’, how he’s in the zone on ‘Zone’, how he’s raised the bar when it comes to SA hip-hop on ‘The World Is Yours’.

This is allegedly his last album, and I’m ok with that. AKA is an artist that has nothing much to say but “I’m a success” over and over again until I for one start questioning if he’s trying to convince not only the listener but himself.

Which is strange, because he certainly is a winner, and he will no doubt keep winning by catering to a large amount of diehard fans who don’t expect anything more from him than he’s already delivering.

This is someone who, as he says on ‘Caiphus Song’, “never gave a f**k about opinions”, and so I’m sure he won’t care about mine. It will be too easy to dismiss me as a hater for wondering how anyone could possibly find the man or his music interesting.

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NOT AGAIN!!! Twitter MOCKS Itu Khune for his ‘trash’ fashion sense!



Itumeleng Khune mocked by Twitter for his jeans. On Monday, the Kaizer Chiefs and Bafana Bafana star took to Twitter to share a motivational message with his followers. But it appears fashion sense has managed to dribble past Mzansi’s number one keeper and put one in the back of the net.

Itumeleng Khune is well known for his brilliance between the posts. Strikers become terrified when they have to face him as not many are able to score against him. His tweet received an overwhelming reaction. But the focus was not on the message itself.

Itumeleng Khune

Khune tweeted a message with a picture of himself: “I still don’t understand how people are afraid to see each other WIN!? There is so much room in the industry for your uniqueness! Don’t let people try to dim your light because it shines too bright for their eyes to see!!

#Fact ?? #MondayMotivation.” Tweeps focused on his pair of jeans instead, saying it was not stylish. His fans said it was a “No no”.

Itumeleng Khune

And this is how Twitter reacted to Khune’s sense of fashion:


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UNDER FIRE!!! DJ Zinhle dragged for taking AKA back!



A picture truly does tell a thousand words, doesn’t it? One glance at the recent photograph of musicians and seemingly couple, DJ Zinhle and AKA, it is quite obvious that love lives there. These two were photographed during a special and sacred moment as they smooched away, with no care in the world.

Twitter was set abuzz regarding a particular image of house DJ Zinhle and entrepreneur and Rapper and businessman, AKA. The exchange happened at the rapper’s long awaited concert at The Square in Pretoria. #AKAOrchestraOnTheSquare was trending at number one earlier today hence AKA took a rather unconventional presentation of his music in general, with a 30 piece orchestra and the usual live band.

During some backstage interactions, AKA and Zinhle got down to their own sweet and short moment as they were photographed sharing what seemed like a smooch. This is not the first time they have shared a kiss, their lips crossed paths recently at an event in Kwa Zulu Natal.

However DJ Zinhle who is all about women empowerment left many of her followers a tad disappointed as she had been regarded as a ”Queen” and patching things up with a AKA might not be the wisest of moves. Below are just some of the interesting comments on Twitter.

In a recent article on TimesLive, Dj Zinhle reportedly gushed about her man spoiling her with shoes that cost a whopping R25,000. She admits she is in a relationship and although she doesn’t say who she is dating, the pictures speak for themselves. Speaking of those expensive shoes, The mother of one said the following:

”I went to Louis Vuitton so many times looking for these shoes. So many times. And I couldn’t find them in my size. But my boyfriend found them. Amazing. Thank you baby.”

The many times that AKA and Zinhle have spent together include, enjoying some down time on Zinhle’s turntables and also who could ever forget those cryptic photos that these two posted on their respective Instagram accounts when they were on holiday together.

The pure love between AKA and DJ Zinhle is palpable in these recent pictures that they keep posting across social media platforms. That kiss revealed a lot about the state of their relationship.

There is more to this relationship than meets the eye. We can’t wait for more enthralling revelations.

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FRENEMIES BACK TOGETHER?! Latest on Bonang and Somizi



Bonang Matheba and Somizi Mhlongo took a picture together.

And no, it wasn’t spliced together, like Juliana Marguiles and Archie Panjabi’s final scenes in The Good Wife. They were actually photographed together. Arms around each other. Big smiles on their faces.

It seems that the ice has thawed out.

The former BFFs were spotted interacting at the launch of Bonang Matheba’s MCC launch, the House of BNG, which was held at the Riboville Boutique Hotel, in Waterfall City.

The Bar Leader TV, which produces both Somizi and Bonang’s reality shows, shared the picture of the two stars laughing at the launch, on Instagram.

It’s no surprise that attendees may have been shocked to see the two stars together. Some friendship drama back in 2016, pulled Mzansi’s favourite BFFs apart.

For many, including those commenting on social media, it was good seeing two of them reveling in Bonang’s success as she unveiled her Brut and Brut Rosé Méthode Classiques.

Despite everything being peaches and cream, we are not entirely sure if this was just an act of maturity based on work commitments, or if it was an actual sign of reconciliation.

The thawing out of the feud may have begun at the recording at the SABC 1’s Tropika Smooth fan competition in Cape Town last year, where they were spotted hugging on set.

It seems all is well in their world again and for fans of both stars, that means they can start celebrating their friendship again.

We hope they both show this moment on their reality shows. The ratings are sure to skyrocket.

Time will tell, for now, we are just happy to see them being able to celebrate each other.

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