The birth of Warathwa Leope helped DJ Sbu grow in more ways than one.¬†In past interviews, he’s mentioned how his daughter has changed his life for the better.

“I’m not a perfect human being but she makes me want to become perfect. She makes me want to do things better. She makes me want to become a better brother, a better leader. She makes me want to… she made me make the decision to go back to school.”


DJ Sbu who was raised by his stepfather whom he credits for the man he has become now, has always said that he wants to be a better father to Warathwa, who is affectionately known as Wawa in the family.


Like any other proud parent, DJ Sbu wants to give his daughter the world.

We guess that’s why DJ Sbu is going so hard on building this Mofaya empire in order to leave a legacy for his daughter and future grandkids.

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And of course, this wouldn’t be a true daddy daughter diary without posting their matching sneaker moments.

From Chuck Taylors…


…to those Jordan 4’s, every sneaker collection for Sbu and his cheese girl is a special occasion.