Uh oh. We knew Pearl Thusi and Robert Marawa were having problems, but now that Pearl has deleted every single Instagram picture she had of her love, we can’t help but wonder if their relationship is over for good!.

Pearl Thusi is going to the extremes to show Robert Marawa that she’s serious about moving on after their breakup. The 29-year-old  TV personality and actress has has been sharing her love life with Robert, but her drastic Instagram move tells us that Robert may have finally pushed her too far when he tweeted of their breakup on Twitter!

Since Robert announced their split on Twitter on Sunday night, Pearl hasn’t said anything, save to delete all their snaps together off her social media account.

On why he announced the breakup, Robert said he wanted to protect both families from false stories.

“I never talk about my private life, but I decided to confirm it to protect both sets of families. If you don’t own your space, people can twist things and write things that are not true,” he said.