The two have been with the soapie since its early days when Edward was two-timing Thandaza, while Azwindini and Susan’s relationship was still a secret.

Musician and Muvhango actor Maumela Mahuwa, popularly known as Susan on the soapie, has opened up about how she feels about Sindi Dlathu’s exit from the popular soapie.

Speaking to Drum Magazine, Mahuwa said she was “shocked” and “in denial” when she heard her colleague was leaving.

“I actually thought it was some kind of joke,” she said.

After the shock, Maumela said the Muvhango family were left with no choice but to accept that leaving was what Dlathu wanted.

“We realise and understand that sometimes people need to change and grow. And that is what Sindi is doing, but it still hurts that she is leaving,” she told the magazine.

The two have been with the popular soapie since its early days when there was still Edward Mukwevho, who was two-timing Thandaza at the time, while Azwindini was still sneaking Susan through the window, as his mother did not approve of their relationship at the time.

They went on to become close as they married brothers.

Dlathu on Tuesday confirmed that she was leaving the soapie after been with the production for 20 years.

“Muvhango has been more than a job to me, it has been my life for 20 years, and I’ve loved and cherished every single moment of playing Thandaza. After 20 years I’ve decided to give the Thandaza character a break in order for me to grow as an artist, venture out to explore new opportunities and discover what I can do as an actress and as a human being,” she said.

Her last episode will be aired in March next year, though Muvhango’s associate producer Morishe Matlejoane said the production was not bidding her a permanent farewell, but freezing her character.

We might see her again in future, as her character will not be recast.

Dlathu also said this was not the end of her journey, as she would always be a part of the Muvhango family.