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Fri. Sep 20th, 2019


Juventus Ace Cristiano Ronaldo Handed Two-Year Suspended Prison Sentence

Cristiano Ronaldo made an appearance in a Madrid court on Monday, where he was handed a two-year suspended prison sentence after being found guilty of tax fraud.

The Juventus ace pleaded guilty to tax fraud to the tune of €14.7 million (R232 million) in relation to image rights between 2011 and 2014 while playing for Real Madrid.

Luckily for the former Manchester United forward, first-time offenders in Spain, the law dictates that jail sentences of 24 months and under are to be suspended and they will not face any jail time unless they break the law again.

The 33-year-old was also told to pay €18.8 million in fines after being found guilty of using tax havens such as the British Virgin Islands and Ireland to avoid having to pay tax due on his image rights in Spain.

Ronaldo, a five-time Ballon D’or winner accepted the sentence during his court appearance but still faces another dark cloud hanging over his head , after he was accused of rape in Las Vegas in 2009, a charge which he denies.