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Fri. Dec 6th, 2019


Join Stylist and blogger Palesa Mahlaba at the Skip Fashion Exchange

In fashion, it’s all about timing. Stylist and blogger Palesa Mahlaba says good style is always evolving, which is what the Skip Fashion Exchange is all about – a time for change. If that means saying goodbye to a cherished piece of clothing, this event is for you.

Palesa will be letting go of an item she’s still attached to. “It’s a fabulous embellished knee-length skirt and I want to give it away because it no longer fits my personal style. I know someone else will have fun with it and create new memories.”

The Skip Fashion Exchange is the perfect time to let go of a vintage item, and say hello to another beautiful piece. Palesa knows exactly what to look for. “I’m into classic items so anything from the 50s and 60s era will be great. But who knows? I might walk in looking for a new pair of boots and find a fabulous dress instead!”

The Skip Fashion Exchange is a place to push your style limits. There’ll be many unique pieces in one space, which is the best way to revitalise your wardrobe.

Join Palesa at the Skip Fashion Exchange at the Sandton City Mall, Johannesburg, from 4th -31st July 2017, and get tips on how to look after your garments with Skip. See you there!

For more information and how to register, go to www.SkipFashionExchange.co.za or join the conversation on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram @SkipSouthAfrica.