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Wed. Nov 20th, 2019


Is YOUR sex life normal? This is how many times you should be bonking every week

HOW active are you in the bedroom? Research reveals how much sex the average couple has.

It can be difficult to know if your bedroom behaviour is normal.

So are you bonking as often as others, or do you need to up your game?

A recent study from The Journal of Sex Research revealed how many times couples have sex per year.

The intimate survey measured sex frequency among three different age groups.

Young Brits were the most rampant, enjoying trysts twice as much as those who had passed the age of 40.

Data showed that under 30s bonked 112 times a year – equivalent to two times every week.

The study showed that this figure begins to drop off as you age.

Those who are aged between 30 to 39 saw sparks fly in the bedroom 86 times a year.

The most significant dip in couples’ sex lives appears to occur when they hit 40.

Research revealed that 40 to 49-year-olds romp 69 times a year.

It’s believed that middle aged people can struggle with libido because of ageing.

In response to the study, Dr Justin Lehmiller said: “Those who feel older and have more negative attitudes toward aging are likely to perceive the sharpest declines in the quality of their sex lives.”

“At the same time, the younger people feel, the more likely they are to maintain high sexual satisfaction as they get older – or at least they’ll experience a much less noticeable change”

If you are looking to get jiggy more regularly, there are plenty of ways to boost your sex drive.

Packing some aphrodisiac-filled foods into your everyday menu could do the trick.

Many couples find talking about their love lives is a good way to overcome any sexual staleness.