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Sun. Oct 13th, 2019


HypeAvenue.com new sleek website receives positive reviews!

Native Media has developed a new sleek design for HypeAvenue.com with performance enhancements, that bring it in line with modern digital trends.

Among the improvements, the new HypeAvenue.com is a fully responsive website that will adjust page layouts automatically to make articles easy to read on any mobile device. It has also been optimised for fast loading speeds and low data usage.

While fake news has become a problem on the Internet, HypeAvenue.com’s technology includes the use of the secure HTTPS web publishing protocol to safeguard the website from third-party attacks and hijacking. This will protect readers from malware, and guarantees that content originates from HypeAvenue’s newsroom.

The new HypeAvenue has a renewed focus on multimedia, with a dedicated, user-friendly video page, collecting the latest news, explainers, and features on South African and global issues. HypeAvenue will continue to offer the same quality reporting throughout the day, breaking the news with stories, analysis, and opinion.

“South Africa is experiencing one of its most dramatic and important news chapters, and the award-winning journalists of HypeAvenue are at the forefront of breaking these stories,” says Victor Fungai Muzvidzwa, the group digital editor and editor of HypeAvenue. “Our new digital platforms provide a palette for excellent digital storytelling. We plan to push the boundaries of innovation that our new sites – and the technology that underpins them – will allow.”