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How To Get Soft Skin He Just Can’t Keep His Hands Off Of



When it comes to men, it’s safe to say that it doesn’t take much to turn them on. Some women go to great lengths to squeeze into sexy, yet complicated-to-take-off lingerie, cake on pounds and pounds of makeup and wear heels that make them question if all of this (read: the pain) is really worth it, anyways.

Well, women, good news. Let the collective sigh commence because you’ll be glad to know that when it comes to men and matters of the bedroom, keeping it simple is best. Smell, taste, sight, hearing—all of these senses are important to revving him up, but nothing does it quite like touch. So, to keep his hands coming back for more, follow these seven must-know skincare tips that will have you feeling like the soft, delicate, buttery sexual prowess that you are.

Start with exfoliation

how to get soft skinBefore anything, you need to exfoliate. Not only will it keep your skin soft and supple, but it helps remove the skin’s surface of the dry and dead skin that clogs your pores and keeps you looking dull. Yuck. Simply pick up an exfoliating brush or gloves (any beauty shop or drugstore should have them) and a body wash with exfoliating beads and really scrub away all the impurities. Your skin will feel so soft and supple immediately afterward. Repeat this in the shower at least three times a week for maximum results.

Dry body brushing

Supermodels like Miranda Kerr swear by this. And if there’s anyone who we’re going to listen to for beauty advice, it’s her. The Victoria Secret model veteran, who, surprisingly, is 33, yet still looks like she’s in her early twenties thanks to her healthy lifestyle and divine beauty secrets, starts every morning with dry body brushing. It’s integral to her beauty routine and only takes a few minutes. You simply do quick, gentle strokes up your body before jumping into the shower. For women who are looking to reduce the appearance of cellulite, this is just the thing for them as this quick routine will get the circulation in the system going, remove dead skin cells, almost identical to the benefits of exfoliating, and help to aid the lymphatic system, which is largely responsible for flushing out the body of toxins and excess fluids.

Try coconut oil

how to get soft skinIf you didn’t know already, coconut oil is basically the Holy Grail of the beauty world. There was even the viral story of a 52-year-old mother who looked in her twenties thanks to her daily use of coconut oil. She used it on her hair, her skin, even in her food and this caused her to be always mistaken for being her son’s girlfriend. While you may not want to be mistaken for that, what you probably do want is soft, young-looking skin that your man can’t keep his hands off. Simply slather some on just like you would with moisturizer—it should melt into your skin as soon as you apply it and it doesn’t leave a sticky or greasy residue, which is a common problem with some lotions. You’ll also be glad to know that it has many multi-purposes, including acting as a makeup remover, an anti-aging face cream and even as a massage oil.

Try-at-home remedies

If you’re a regular user on Pinterest, then you’ve probably seen a million and one ways to get soft skin. Yet, many of these so-called ideas and miracle cures involve shelling out hundreds of dollars on different creams and serums. It can be a bit too overwhelming at times, so to keep it simple, trust in the at-home remedies that promise just as good results as the expensive solutions. One of these at-home, cost-effective treatments is using baby oil in the shower and finishing it all off with cocoa butter. If you’re a little bit weirded out at using baby oil, just know that the oil isn’t just for babies. Many adults use it for the purpose of getting skin “as soft as a baby’s butt.” At least, that’s how the saying goes. Give it a try—your skin deserves the very best.

Go old-school with cocoa butter

how to get soft skinPeople hoard this stuff for a reason. When you think of soft skin, you think of cocoa butter and the reason for this is simple: it provides one of the deepest levels of hydration thanks to its fatty acids. It’s used religiously by millions of people, most commonly in countries where climates are harsh, and it prevents skin dryness and peeling, leaving your skin instead with a soft, silky feeling. Make it a part of your everyday beauty routine and don’t blame us if your man won’t grow tired of complimenting how soft your skin feels every two minutes. Experiment with different brands, read the reviews and once you find the product that you love most, stick with it.

How to get soft skin? Moisturize!

We really can’t say it enough, but we will: you have to moisturize like your life depends on it. Your skin doesn’t just need a good lather in the wintertime—you should be moisturizing year-round to help your body stay hydrated and perform at its peak. If you find it annoying to lather up at different points during the day, start with adding it to your shower routine. Nivea offers many in-shower body lotions that you can use and then rinse off right after.

Take care of your body

how to get soft skinBeauty is skin deep and that means that it starts with what you eat and how well you take care of yourself. Just think back to those nights where you tossed and turned all night, only to wake up in the morning, look in the mirror and not even recognize yourself. Your skin was dull, there were bags under your eyes and you felt like you aged ten years overnight. The list of negative effects goes on, and it ain’t pretty, so keep it simple by eating a healthy, balanced diet, making a point to always take your makeup off before bed, getting enough sleep, drinking lots of water and making your health a first priority. Your body will thank you, as will that special someone in your life who will never get enough of the soft, supple, beautiful skin that you worked so hard to attain.

Victor Fungai Muzvidzwa is the founder and senior editor of magazine.

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Lightening Addiction – Here’s How Much Khanyi Mbau Spends On Her Skin




Ever since the news of Media Personality broke that she use certain products to lighten her skin most people were left wondering of how much it would cost to look that ‘light’.

Social media users have been commenting negatively about her change of skin tone, instead of being discouraged the actress just looked much more lighter. Most people are left with questions of ‘how does she do it’ or ‘why’.

Mbau goes through a medical skin lightening called Glucatathione IV, not only is the name difficult to pronounce but the process is not as easy.
This IV is something that has to be ongoing since it is intended to fight the natural production of melanin in the body, it’s something you obliged to use regularly to keep your skin tone lighter. As we all aware every medicine we use comes with side effects.

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Usually, powerful skin lightening creams are available on prescription from a doctor. These usually contain one or both of the following medications: hydroquinone and corticosteroids (steroid medication), such as hydrocortisone.

Products containing these ingredients that haven’t been prescribed by a doctor are banned in advanced countries, but we are looking forward to the day such measures would be taken in Africa, Nigeria precisely, as they can cause serious side effects if used incorrectly.

Products containing other potentially harmful substances such as mercury are also banned. Thus, it’s usually appropriate you  ensure that you check the ingredients of any product before you buy it. Avoid it if hydroquinone, corticosteroids or mercury are listed in the ingredients, or if it doesn’t come with a list of ingredients. Many alternative skin lightening products containing natural ingredients are available online and in shops without prescription. These are legal and unlikely to be harmful, but there’s no guarantee they work.

We live in a country where some persons don’t look before they leap; all they care about if just to be beautiful by being light-skinned thus, you find many illiterate Nigerians falling prey of very harmful bleaching products in the name of skin lightening.

Skin lightening products

Well, here the three signs that show you are using the wrong skin lightening cream;

1. Skin Irritation and Inflammation:

Usually, when you notice the redness and swelling of your skin, with the knowledge that you are using a skin lightening product at that time, this is known to be a skin irritation and inflammation hence, you have been using the wrong product.

2. Itchy and flaky skin:

The skin usually itches and flakes, as an indication that there is presently a harmful skin care product being used. Once this is noticed, it is best to quit using such before it becomes worse. There could also be some abnormalities in newborn babies as a result of using the wrong lightening cream during pregnancy.

3. Burning or stinging sensation:

Harmful skin lightening products usually bring about a burning or stinging sensation. With this, you have your skin scary, turning dark and thinning.

In all, wrong skin lightening creams are extremely dangerous to the skin. This is the main reason you should be on the lookout for a good skin lightening cream!

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