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How to Get Rid of Cellulite on Thighs: Where There’s a Will, There’s a Way



You’ve tried everything but you still see it on your thighs, your behind and maybe even on other places of your body. Here’s how to get rid of cellulite.

Cellulite! The dreadful, dreadful word and the even more dreadful appearance of dimples on our behinds is enough to make us shy away from the mirror (not to mention the beach), but fear no more. We’ve found some killer ways to combat those dimples and show your smooth curves in a tiny bathing suit this spring and summer. Let’s begin with a little honesty… most of us women have cellulite. It’s a really common problem that says absolutely nothing about how healthy you are or even how fit. Skinny women can have just as much cellulite as heavier set women. Even celebrities have it. There’s no need to feel less beautiful because of it, but we totally understand that if we could go without it, we would. First, let’s discuss what it actually is and then explain how to get rid of cellulite on thighs and everywhere else.


What is cellulite?

I’m sure most of you kind of already know what it is. You at least know that it’s fat and you’re probably familiar with how hard it is to get rid of, but did you know that it’s not a different kind of fat? It’s the same kind of fat found anywhere else on your body. However, because of where it is placed and how it got there, it is a bit more difficult to get rid of. The fat became “cellulite”, which is just a word to describe the new look it has on the outside of the body, when it was pushed out and forced to press itself against the connective tissues between your muscles and your skin. Imagine leaning up against a chain link fence and your skin pushing out around the crisscross pattern. When the fat building up in your body has no place to go, it has to go somewhere! So, it squishes out where it can and that’s what leaves the dimples on your thighs or buttocks.Illustration-of-skin-cross-section-showing-cellulite

What causes cellulite?

A ton of different things can add to the risk of getting cellulite. Here, we will go through them one by one so you can see which areas you will need to improve:

  • Being a female: Okay, so maybe you can’t really fix this one (and why would you want to!), but it’s true. Women generally carry fat in their thighs, buttocks and hips, which is most commonly where cellulite is found. Also, women naturally carry more layers of fat in those areas (about 3) while men only carry about 1 layer of fat all over their bodies naturally. Furthermore, estrogen is associated with the production of fat whereas testosterone breaks it down.
  • Unhealthy, processed food diet: About 90% of women have cellulite while only about 10% of men have it in industrial nations. Take note of that last part about “industrial nations”. Countries that have less pre-packaged or preservative full foods see less cases of cellulite. Once again, diet reigns supreme. Fresh fruits and Vegetables with whole, fresh grains and lean proteins are best. Also, eating a diet high in fat, carbohydrates and salt with too little fiber is said to make cellulite appear.
  • Aging: You can’t really do much about this one either, but since the issue between cellulite and aging is that the skin loses its elasticity, you can begin to focus more on making sure you’re eating the correct foods to keep your skin healthy and supple.
  • Genetics: As usual, some people are simply more prone to carrying weight than others. This doesn’t mean that you’re doomed to have cellulite for the rest of time, but it does mean you’ll have to work a lot harder to keep it at bay.
  • Smoking: Cellulite is more prevalent in smokers. Why? Cigarette smoke reduces blood vessel flow, weakens and disrupts the formation of collagen, which allows for the connective tissue to become stretched and damaged. This makes it easier for the fat to show through. Just another reason to quit smoking if you haven’t already!


Types of cellulite

The formation of cellulite happens in stages. Here are the stages as explained by 0: With this kind of cellulite, an individual cannot notice cellulite dimples, also described as the orange peel result, once standing or stretching out. Once the pinch test is done, you will notice wrinkles but not dimples. To perform the pinch test, you must pinch your skin at the buttocks, thighs or belly with your thumb and index finger, clarified by Marie Watkins in her book, Banishing Cellulite Once and For All.Stage 1: In this next stage of cellulite, which is in reality considered Phase 1, an individual in spite of everything cannot notice cellulite dimples once standing or stretching out. On the other hand, once you conduct a pinch test, dimples are noticeable, as stated by Dr. Delia Simu in The Estrogen-Cellulite Connection. Stage 2: With stage 2 cellulite, dimples can be noticed on the buttocks, thighs or belly once standing, but not when stretching out.Stage 3: With the last kind of cellulite, in Stage 3, dimples are noticeable either while standing or stretching out. Painful cellulite might take place for certain individuals at Stage 3. An individual with painful cellulite might have elevated parts and nodules. It can signify either a dreary ache in the regions where it can be seen, or cellulite that is sensitive to the touch.body-care---female-buttocks-with-and-without-celluliteIt’s important to know what stage of cellulite you have so that you can be realistic about what kind of results you will likely receive once you start treatment. Cellulite in the earlier stages will be much easier to keep at bay than cellulite in the 2nd or 3rd stage. For those, it will take much longer to see results, but don’t give up! When it comes to the treatment of cellulite, persistence is key. Below are some great ways to combat cellulite that really work!

5 Ways to reduce the appearance of cellulite

Now that we know how we got the cellulite, let’s find out how we can get rid of it. There are 3 treatable components of cellulite to address: Collagen, Fat and circulation. Focusing on all these components simultaneously will give you the best results for banishing it. However, it should be noted that it is very difficult to get rid of cellulite altogether, especially if your particular case is intense. You can reduce the appearance though.

1. Eat gelatin! (Helps with collagen and fat)

Consuming gelatin is said to be beneficial for hair, skin and nails. It is good for the joints and helps to keep skin tight (remember that bit about elasticity? This may help!). It can also help with digestion, is a great source of dietary collagen (collagen is too large for the skin to absorb), and is composed of amino acids glycine and proline, which are needed for keeping the immune system strong as well as weight regulation. It’s an all around great thing to add to your diet even if you don’t have cellulite!



2. Dry brushing (Helps with circulation)

This is a relatively new craze that many people swear has amazing benefits. It promotes cell skin renewal, tighter skin, and blood flow. Not to mention makes the skin super soft and smooth by removing dead skin cells!

How to dry brush

  1. Starting with a completely dry body, start at the feet and brush (using a dry, not wet, brush with natural bristles) the bottoms of your feet, then go up your legs in long, smooth strokes. Always brushing towards your heart for optimal lymph flow. Stay on each section you brush for about 5-10 minutes. Always remember to be gentle. The skin should not become irritated or red after you brush.
  2. Repeat the same process on your arms. Start with the palms of your hands and brush up toward the heart.
  3. Repeat the process on your stomach and chest as well as your back. You can also dry brush your face, but you may want to use a more delicate brush.

3. Massage (Helps with circulation)

Regular body massages help to aid circulation and break down fat which removes toxins and other waste from the body. Some massage parlors have specific cellulite reduction massage techniques that are a bit more vigorous (and expensive) than just normal massage. Some places will also use a machine that sucks at the skin and kneads. However, it may not be necessary to have those types of vigorous massages. Any type of massage will help circulation, so just choose a type that you enjoy and stick with that. You don’t even really need another person to massage you; you can do it yourself in the comfort of your own home!Anti-cellulite-massage-for-young-woman-in-a-luxury-spa

4. Fat loss (Helps with fat)

Since cellulite is formed when the fat needs more space than it is given, losing fat will help to reduce the appearance of cellulite. Cardiovascular workouts, such as jogging, are best for burning fat. However, they must also be used with a weight training regime so that the muscle can build out and burn fat more effectively.

5. Retinol cream (Helps with collagen and circulation)

Applying a retinol cream to the effected area continuously will keep skin regenerating, collagen at a high and promote healthy circulation of the area beneath. Beauticians have been raving about the positive effects retinol can have on the skin for years, and the results don’t falter today. For best results, use a retinol cream of 0.3%-0.4%.

Don’t believe the hype

Cream can and orange peelWith cellulite being such a buzz word these days, many companies have claimed to have the fix for this pesky problem. However, these claims are not supported and often cost a lot of money for their short lived or non-existent results. Here are a few examples of treatments to not waste your time on:

  1. Anti-cellulite or caffeine lotions: There is a ton of these types of creams out there. If anything, the caffeine lotions or scrubs might help a bit to stimulate the area, but it’s the same stimulation that dry brushing or massage will give you. No need to go out and spend your money on these lotions.
  2. Liposuction: Unfortunately, liposuction is not for cellulite. Liposuction removes the fat a bit deeper than cellulite appears. It might help with the appearance a bit, but the fat between the connective tissues will actually still be there. Many people still have cellulite even after they receive liposuction. In fact, some have found that their cellulite got worse. Forget this pricey procedure!
  3. Radiofrequency systems: The fancy name doesn’t hold up to the fancy claims long term. If you need a quick fix that will only last a few months, then by all means, head for the doctors to receive a treatment. Don’t expect to walk out after one treatment with perfect, dimple free skin though. It takes quite a few treatments to see results, and you have to keep going back to keep the cellulite away.


A few words to the young

If you are a young woman who hasn’t gone through puberty, now is the time to learn about cellulite if you want to prevent it. Once you begin puberty, your body will start to produce more estrogen, which, as we learned causes the body to store more fat. Getting involved in regular exercise and watching what you eat now will help to prevent cellulite! As you can see, once it’s there it’s quite hard to get rid of. Better to not let it get there from the start. We hope you’ve learned all you needed to know about cellulite. Let us know if you’ve tried any of these methods and seen results (or not!), we’d love to hear your stories. Be sure to give this article a like, and share it with your friends so everyone will know how to get rid of cellulite for the spring!

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Products containing these ingredients that haven’t been prescribed by a doctor are banned in advanced countries, but we are looking forward to the day such measures would be taken in Africa, Nigeria precisely, as they can cause serious side effects if used incorrectly.

Products containing other potentially harmful substances such as mercury are also banned. Thus, it’s usually appropriate you  ensure that you check the ingredients of any product before you buy it. Avoid it if hydroquinone, corticosteroids or mercury are listed in the ingredients, or if it doesn’t come with a list of ingredients. Many alternative skin lightening products containing natural ingredients are available online and in shops without prescription. These are legal and unlikely to be harmful, but there’s no guarantee they work.

We live in a country where some persons don’t look before they leap; all they care about if just to be beautiful by being light-skinned thus, you find many illiterate Nigerians falling prey of very harmful bleaching products in the name of skin lightening.

Skin lightening products

Well, here the three signs that show you are using the wrong skin lightening cream;

1. Skin Irritation and Inflammation:

Usually, when you notice the redness and swelling of your skin, with the knowledge that you are using a skin lightening product at that time, this is known to be a skin irritation and inflammation hence, you have been using the wrong product.

2. Itchy and flaky skin:

The skin usually itches and flakes, as an indication that there is presently a harmful skin care product being used. Once this is noticed, it is best to quit using such before it becomes worse. There could also be some abnormalities in newborn babies as a result of using the wrong lightening cream during pregnancy.

3. Burning or stinging sensation:

Harmful skin lightening products usually bring about a burning or stinging sensation. With this, you have your skin scary, turning dark and thinning.

In all, wrong skin lightening creams are extremely dangerous to the skin. This is the main reason you should be on the lookout for a good skin lightening cream!

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