Has the war between Soulja Boy and Chris Brown taken a terrifying turn? In this middle of his beef with Breezy, someone broke into Soulja’s home on Jan. 12 and stole more than $10 thousand dollars worth of jewelry! Oh no — is SB okay?

Don’t expect Soulja Boy, 26, to be blasting the new Run The Jewels album anytime soon because it literally hit too close to home. Sometime in the early hours of Jan. 12, a man allegedly busted into Soulja’s Hollywood Hills home, law enforcement sources told TMZ. The robber pocketed $10 thousand dollars in cash and $12 thousand dollars worth of jewelry.

Thankfully, SB wasn’t home at the time so he avoided any possible violent clash with the robber. However, much like the streets, his security system was watching the whole time, and the suspect’s image was captured on camera, according to TMZ.

Now, before anyone starts pointing fingers at Chris Brown, 27, as the possible perpetrator, the law enforcement officials investigating this robbery tell TMZ that there’s “no evidence Chris or his crew were involved.” Of course, Chris may just go ahead and involve himself by mocking Soulja Boy over this latest incident the same way he taunted the “Hit Them Folks” rapper over getting assaulted in Compton.

“They say Soulja aint from the hood,” S.Beezy said during a Jan. 3 live video as he walked along the streets of the California city. SB thought he was in good company, but when he threw an arm around another guy, things turned scary. First there was pushing, then the phone got dropped and then fans can hear a scuffle breaking out. For Chris, seeing the tables get turned on SB was hilarious. “He’s gonna cry in the car,” Breezy said in between laughs.

Of course, the war of words between these two didn’t end and they’ve been exchanging insult after insult. Everyone’s waiting to see if the planned fight between Chris and SB is going to actually take place. SB might have to go through with the fight, no matter what, as he may need the payday. After all, the dude just lost $22,000 dollars in cash and jewelry. Ouch.


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