Ivy Veteran actress Ivy Nkutha is the latest celeb to be a victim of crime after her car got stolen outside SABC Studios on Monday.

The actress shared how she could not believe her eyes when she found another car where she had parked hers to discover that thieves had made off with her grey Nissan Hard Body.

“I arrived at the SABC around 11.40am and finished at 4pm. When I got outside, I looked where I had parked my car and it was nowhere to be found,” she said. “I was shocked and I stood there for a minute in disbelief. I was so confused that I even looked underneath other cars,” she said.

Gog Ivy has opened a case at the Brixton Police station and the police promised to look at the SABC surveillance cameras.

“I was worried about how I would get home but I have actually put everything to God,” she said of the incident.

“All SABC permanent staff members and independent contractors including the actors are provided with an opportunity to park their cars within SABC secured parking spaces which are inside our premises.

“We have also allocated security personnel to guard Henley Street for the cars that park there. In this instance, the car that is referred to was not par