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Wed. Nov 20th, 2019


GENTS TAKE NOTES: Here is what Mzansi women want in the bedroom!

Women’s Health SA has released its annual sex stats, and the results are heartening. It seems we have sex-positive, mostly body-positive women. Here are some findings:

33% of respondents are comfortable with being naked and 21% are very comfortable;

27% of women’s favourite sex position is being on top and 23% prefer doggy style;

78% of women have had sex in a car and 63% have had sex on the kitchen counter;

45% of women felt sex toys were a great tool to enhance sex; and

Though 29% say they have sex between one and five times a month, most respondents would like to have more sex, with 35% placing their ideal number at 11-20 times.

On the other hand, some women experienced bedroom problems:

59% said partners were more likely than them to initiate sex; and

32% said their partner’s biggest problem was he/she rushed foreplay.

And South African women are conservative in other areas:

59% of women feel humans are meant to be monogamous; and

47% never had a one-night stand.

Oh, and by the way: 72% of women would rather get a raise at work than have sex