Euphonik was really a crowd favourite this past weekend,he made a star,produced a track and played the very same track in two clubs all in one night.

A video that went viral early last week became a huge deal on Twitter, so much so that it even caught the attention of popular DJ and businessman, Euphonik.

Euphonik reached out to the young man only known as KillerKau and brought him to a studio and together they put together what Twitter believes may be the biggest Gqom single of 2017.

NOW Euphonik has secured a content deal with South African mobile network operator MTN which will share the hit song as a caller ring tone.

MTN subscribers can get the song as a caller tune by texting a short code for the song. Caller tunes services are a common channel used by artists to increase the reach of their music and generate revenue through sales made of each track selection.

CallerTunez is the service that offers MTN subscribers the unique ability to personalize their ring back tones. By default, phones play the boring and not-so-pleasing “tring-tring” tone. This ability to personalize Ring Back Tones (RBT) has opened new and exciting doors for MTN subscribers.