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Fri. Sep 20th, 2019


Did Cassper Nyovest Just Admit That He Listens To AKA’s Music In Secret?

On another episode of Cassper’s rants on social media he implied something that had most assume he listens to the music of his rivals in Hip hop secretly.

The rapper tweeted that Hip hop is buzzing with anger and hate from its musicians and that all of that contributes to the delay of giving rise to the genre.

Cassper is one of the rappers who has had many beefs in the industry and has even said himself that he knows he is hated. There never was a clear reasons of why most people keep distance from him except AKA. The two rappers have been beefing for years and the way their enmity escalated including physical violence – it was pretty much clear that there is no hope of becoming friends again.

When Cassper preached the sermon of hate and how Hip hop artists can’t even compliment each other when they doing great also how they listen to each other’s music secretly – the first thing that pops into everybody’s mind was AKA. Although he wasn’t clear about things but tweeps thought he was low-key directing his tweet to the likes of AKA & Emtee.

“We are Hip hop&all we do is hate on other Hip Hop kats when we are supposed to be fighting for anything that is Hip Hop. Fuck, you can’t even compliment niggas no more cause they think you kissing ass or tryna jump on thier hype. We are listening to each others music in secrete,” he wrote.