I HAD an affair with a guy who I met at a party. The sex was awesome and I can’t get it out of my head.

My husband and I had split for a while and we desperately needed that break. It was nobody’s fault but so much had gone wrong, such as him hating his job and his big brother dying, then my best friend moved away.

I’m 26 and he’s 28. We have two little children to care for on top of it all and the stress got too much for us both.

We were arguing morning to night and it got to be violent, I’m really ashamed to admit.

Not real nasty stuff, just some pushing and shoving but, when I hit him, I knew that he had to move out.

He went to stay with a friend and I missed him so much but we both knew that we needed to have time apart.

I went to a party one night while my mum stayed the night to look after the kids. I didn’t expect to have fun but I did.

I met this amazingly good-looking guy who turned out to be the same age as me. We spent the night flirting and he gave me his number. I called him when I got back home.

We met up at lunchtime the next day and had sex in his car. He is so well endowed and it was totally awesome — and totally wrong, I know.

For two mad, crazy weeks we met up when we could and we somehow had sex every time.

Then my husband found out. He saw the guy dropping me back off at home. We both cried and we got back together again.
I love him so much. He’s my soulmate and rock and we’ve not argued since. So why can’t I put that guy out of my mind?

I don’t really like him but the sex was like nothing on earth and I still can’t get over his size.

My husband isn’t so well-endowed and I know I won’t have sex as good as that ever again.

LIRA SAYS: Sex was amazing but then it came without strings and with no questions asked, no complications on the side, simply sex on a plate. If you stayed with that guy, then the magic would very soon fade.

So forget about him, use your head and your heart and focus on your sex life with your husband. It can be just as good and, in fact, so much better as it comes with real love.

Your husband may not have the inches the other man has but good sex isn’t just a question of size.

My e-leaflets Manhood Too Small? and Real Secrets Of Great Sex will give you both lots of ideas.

Make time for each other, and not just in bed. Not easy, I know, with two small children but do call on your mum to help out regularly so the two of you get to unwind. Don’t wait for a crisis.
If tempers start fraying again, stop and take ten. Don’t go back to behaving the same way.