I MADE love with my daughter’s boyfriend — in her bed. I so want to continue what he and I have started but I cannot live with the guilt.

I am 44 and I’m told I look young for my age. I am divorced with a daughter of

I have always got on well with her friends and encouraged her to bring them
home. I like having teenagers around — they bring a bit of life and
laughter. She agreed to go on holiday to Lanzarote with some girl friends
last month.

Her boyfriend looked really down when they were discussing it so I told him to
come round and have a chat if he felt like it. To my surprise he did. He
brought me some flowers and a bottle of wine.

I got him something to eat and we settled down to watch the telly. He says he
can talk to me about anything and cannot believe how much we have in common.
He is 21 but very mature for his age. He moved closer and kissed me. I was
taken aback but it all seemed so natural. I know it was wrong but we carried

It was obvious we were going to have sex and I suggested we would be more
comfortable upstairs. He pulled me into the bedroom he was most familiar
with — my daughter’s.

He was experienced for his age and it was amazing. I had not felt like that in
a long time.

Now I don’t know what to do. I cannot just turn my back on something so
wonderful but I feel so bad about my daughter. I think I ought to tell her
but I don’t know how.


Your daughter would be devastated if she knew she had been betrayed by her
boyfriend and her mum.

Telling her would not only wreck her relationship with him but hers with you

Tell the boyfriend you regret what happened and it must never happen again. Be
careful not to be alone with him until you can trust yourself.

Take stock of your own life and where it is going. Find friends in your own
age group.