• February 18, 2019

DEAR LIRA: I cheated on my husband the night before our wedding… should I leave him?

DEAR LIRA: I’VE just married but the night before my wedding I was having sex with one of my clients.

I work for a marketing company and our place is rife with flirting and innuendo.

It’s a fun environment but almost everyone has skeletons in their closet — inappropriate relationships with clients.

I’m a woman of 32. I’d been engaged for three years and we got married at Easter. My husband is 35.

I always wanted to marry him but now I think I might have made a mistake.

Last year I was given a new project looking after a client who was promoting merchandise for the Commonwealth Games.

This drop-dead gorgeous guy came to our office for a meeting.

He’s 37 and he looked so handsome I was swooning as I made him a coffee.

That night I had just settled down to watch a soap on TV with a glass of wine when my phone rang. It was the client from work.

He asked me something trivial but then said, “Look, I’m sorry to call you so late but in all honesty, I couldn’t stop thinking about you.”

I cut the call short as my fiance was home but the next morning I called my client and we arranged to have lunch in a hotel in town.

We ended up taking a room — and called room service after we’d had the most amazing sex I had ever had.

I felt swept off my feet by this guy. His body was ripped and he really appreciated what I had to offer.

We’ve been meeting up for sex for months now — we even did it in the back of his car the night before my big day.

It was just great chemistry at first but now I have feelings for him. Should I walk out on my husband?

LIRA SAYS: What a mess. You’ve known this guy a short while but it seems like pure lust.

How did he feel about your wedding? Would he want a long-term committed relationship or are you just his bit of fun?

If it’s the latter, don’t jeopardise your marriage for the sake of secret quickie sex.

You’re bound to get rumbled and you’ll be the one having to explain yourself to family and friends. It won’t be pleasant.

Stop the affair and talk to your husband about injecting some spice into your relationship, having date nights and pepping up your flagging sex life.

My e-leaflet called 50 Ways To Add Fun To Sex will help.

If you realise your marriage really isn’t right, then still give yourself some space away from your lover while you sort out your marriage one way or the other.



Victor Fungai Muzvidzwa is the founder and senior editor of HypeAvenue.com magazine.

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