Sun. Aug 25th, 2019


COUNTING THE COSTS!!! Musician and producer DJ Cleo’s studio damaged by fire!

Award-winning musician and producer DJ Cleo is healing and counting the cost after his studio was damaged by fire last week.

The fire, which spread after a veld fire caught the trees on the studio’s property, destroyed part of the building and several other valuables.

Cleo also sustained minor burns on his hands as he tried to help firefighters and neighbours put out the blaze.

Cleo was unavailable to comment when contacted by TshisaLIVE, but he took to social media to recount how he rushed to save his studio and equipment.

“I was home when I got the call and rushed there in seven minutes. Adrenalin kicked in and I was on the roof in seconds. Thanks to the firefighters who arrived shortly after me and my neighbour Derrick who was first to the scene and had started putting out the fire.”

Cleo said he was grateful that no lives were lost and no big losses were suffered.

He also shared several pictures of the damage.