Believe it or not, Generations: The Legacy actress Zoe Mthiyane used to go through life as an “unwanted ugly girl” who prayed that God would make her shorter.

The model-turned-soap star has been on many fans’ crush list for years but told Drum that her height often made her stand out in school. Awkward and uncertain she would read the tale of the Ugly Duckling and hope that one day she would become a swan.

“I used to pray that I would wake up a short person. (My mom) made me walk in heels so I could appreciate myself. She also entered me in beauty pageants,” she said.

Even though she still wasn’t completely at peace with herself, she went on to dominate at academics and sports.

Zoe also opened up about her childhood to Zaziwa last year, including the challenges and blessings of being raised in a polygamous family.

Zoe revealed during the interview that her father had five wives.

“Each wife had her own home with her kids and dad would visit. I wouldn’t be able to be in a relationship (like that) because I grew up in it and I know ama challenges. My father would not encourage that for his children. I won’t be able to because I’m a jealous person.”