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Sun. Nov 17th, 2019


“BAD MISTAKE!!! Pastor Alph Lukai FINALLY SPEAKS, warns his accusers!

The so-called resurrection pastor has come out guns blazing defending his controversial self-proclaimed miracle, saying people with no faith will never understand what he did.

Alph Lukau addressed his Alleluia International Ministries church for the first time on Sunday since a video emerged of a man being resurrected and sitting up in a coffin.

After strong criticism, Lukau said he had noticed that the man was breathing at the time. However, he has now told his congregation that miracles are not appreciated.

The church in Sandton was packed to capacity on Sunday with congregants energetic and listening to each word spoken by Lukau, shouting “amen” after each sentence.

Lukau was dressed in a striped black and grey suit, saying nothing was false about what happened.

“When we speak about miracles, we are talking about something that has gone beyond the rationalizations of what we accept as norms.”

Lukau conceded last week that the man in the coffin whom he prayed for might have been alive from the start, but insisted on Sunday that there had been a miracle.

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