Bonang and Lasizwe were on their way to becoming industry besties until Lasizwe started making fun of the queen in his viral skits and it ended before it began.

Lasizwe has since been trying to get back in Bonang’s good book and he might be just a step closer to being cordial with queen B.

Lasizwe took to twitter writing a heartfelt message to Bonang on her 31st birthday.

“When I look at u… You show so much power, so much confidence that during ur darkest moments u become the light People hve mocked you including myself but 1 thing I learnt frm watching u is how 2 protect n ctrl ur inner power nd peace. U r extraordinary Hppy Birthday Bonang,” he wrote.

Well, behold, Bonang responded to Lasizwe’s well wishes with a simple, ‘Thank You’. Now it’s too early to tell if Lasizwe will be the new Somizi to Bonang but hey anything is possible in showbiz.