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The media personality will do anything to get her old body back

Media personality Nandi Madida is without a doubt serving some yummy-mommy body goals, but after giving birth to her now one-year-old son, she wants to make changes to her body.

Becoming a mother can cause many changes on a woman’s body, and for Nandi, she says her breasts were the ones most affected by her pregnancy, and after trying various options to get them to their original shape, she has decided that she wants to get surgery.

In a recent interview on Cliff Central, Gareth asked whether she would ever get a boob job and Nandi replied by saying: “Do you know what’s funny, I was like: “No I’m never’ and then I saw my bobs…it’s on, I’m doing…oh yeah…”

Nandi went on to admit that she had tried all remedies to get them to their original shape and had now decided to go under the knife.

“My boobs will never be the same, I use all of those chicken fillets every day of my life…I just want to go back to how I was, luckily I didn’t gain any weight but damn my boobs look sad,”

Listen to the interview below:

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