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The afternoon quickie session with Douglas

Sim just returned from a boring lecture in school, and the cool breeze was doing things to the lower part of her body until she got interrupted by Douglas in a good way.

No one gave much thought to what Mr. Olu said. He spoke very mildly and calmly, as though he spoke to himself, he spoke as though the words were heavy for him to say. He will stand in his oversized worn out coat, and read remotely from his book.

The book that he was going to make us buy by hook or by crook,

“Your exams are going to be from this text book, you all better get yourselves a copy” His voice always sounded rusty.

He spoke for thirty more minutes before he dismissed the class. I couldn’t wait to get home, the hunger was overwhelming, I have had to trek from the schools premises to my house, and bless the heavens there was light.

I rushed in and switched over the metre. I ran down and turned on the stabilizer and the house theatre came on with standing fan. I felt a sense of ease flowing through my spines, the weather wasn’t friendly. I sat on my bed and took off my shirt and pushed my skirt up so the freshness of nature could drove its way in.

My legs felt numb, probably because I had walked a long distance or because it’s been forever since I had sex.

It felt like the breeze from the fan was fiddling with the top of my vagina, surfacing its thumbs (if it had one) round and round, teasing my very existence. I felt the urge to touch myself, to pleasure myself hard.

My eyes closed, my hands already in my bra, my cold and ever moist palms circled my nipples, I heard myself mourn I felt my clits contract, beating at same pace as my heart, my breathing built. I was about to pull off my bra when I heard a knock on the door.

“Crap” I thought, “people and bad timing… Who is it?” I asked dragging my skirt down and looking for my shirt.

“Who is it”?

“It’s Douglas”

“Oh, okay, I be there shortly.” I replied still confused as to where I had kept my shirt, now that I look at my room it looks, Emm not arranged seems appropriate and now I got a nigga coming in, and not just any nigga, Douglas, oh no, Douglas, I hope he’s just gonna see me at the door.

After a few more seconds of trying to phantom where I had swung my shirt I took another from the wardrobe. I pulled the door knob and open the door bolt.

The look of his smile slapped my face, a cool slap though, the kind that hurts in very pleasurable way, the kind of slap you wanna always have, the type the cold does on harmattan. He had the perfectly well arranged teeth, his lips are pink; there are days I stare at them and imagined they tasted like strawberries or a well prepared pineapple juice.

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I had made one a few days ago and while drinking it I closed my eyes and imagined I was kissing him. He looked handmade, like the heavens had used a hammer and chisel to carve and mold his physique, and there he was standing in front me smiling that smile, the very one that drove me nuts.

“So… you gonna let me in or….?

“Oh I am sorry, I…. Didn’t, sorry… Come in” I moved aside to make way for him to pass, I glanced from behind him, I did a quick recon to ensure I hadn’t left a pant or bra unattended anywhere.

“Took you forever to answer the door, if I didn’t know better I would say you were masturbating” he said as turned to look at me and he chuckled.

“Ha ha, very funny” I replied and my mind did a crash course flashback, well didn’t masturbate, I was gonna but didn’t so technically he isn’t correct.

“So what brought you to my troll house?”

“If you call this a troll house then mine will be a sewage dump for trolls”

“Well, what’s up, you just disappeared from class just wanted to ensure you weren’t rushing home to another guy.”

“Yeah you just missed him, we had a quickie” I said

“You did?” He said and walked closely to me

“Yes, we did, if you were early we would have generously let you watch”

“You would” He said

“Yes” my voice trembled, he was close now, very close, his broad shoulders clouded me, he was tall, very tall.

He stared straight into my eyes, I saw what he felt, well not in his eyes, from his zipper, it popped up slowly and I knew his game was on, down below, right there between his legs was his real face.

He slipped his right hand around my waist and in that instant my oxygen ran out, my body temperature dropped, cold ran through my joints, trace of ice spread wide through my spine, I took a deep breath and attempted to take his hands off, I didn’t want to, but I sure as hell wasn’t gonna just let him take me.

He didn’t let go, my knee became literally numb now, the standing fan rotated down and it blew my skirt and some of the breeze found its way through and felt my clits pounding again.

He pushed me closer now his body pressing mine, he slid his left thumb across my lips, his palm was cold, he pushed the strings of hair hanging around my face and drown his lips to mine. My head traveled to a planet far away from earth.

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I wasn’t thinking my thoughts anymore, his tongues did the thinking, I closed my eyes and imagined the pineapple juice and in that moment I realized the juice wasn’t as tasty. I felt a thousand sparks go off in my head, like a firecracker only that they were making banging sounds.

He held my waist with his hands and sprung me up, my legs gripped his waist, and he walked slowly towards the bed. I felt my hard nipples struggling to make its way out of the bra, my body felt tiny itches, the smell of his cologne made it easy down my nose, it served like some kind of ecstasy it drove in more urge.

He laid me mildly on the bed, my arms still around his neck, my legs spread he slid in his left leg between my thighs fiddling my vagina, gently sliding up and down his knee cap, his took off my blouse and like a pro he had unpinned my bra, and he bent over to kiss me.

“Take me Doug, take my train to Orlando” I said my voice shaky.

“Sure Sim, I am gonna take your train go way pass Orlando to the middle of the pacific” he replied and smiled.

He kissed my hard nipple gently and slowly, he paid attention, he listened and kissed to the tune of melancholic mourning rhythm as it escaped my lips.

“Fuck me” I say and took a sloppy like kiss

“Fuck me” and he does it again.

I took long and lengthy breath, he kissed down to my stomach, and he slid his middle finger inside of me, my waist pulled up, I saw my ceiling climbing higher, it no longer stood still it went in circles and in never ending heights, he kissed the surface and slid his fingers in, this time his index and middle finger and the tension climbed.

The room became smaller at each stroke, I found myself groping for words. I gripped my breasts and kissed the nipples. I felt as though I was swimming in the clouds, like the world had gone upside down. “Oh my”.

He pushed my legs up and he took a pillow and slid it under my waist, with both his hands supporting my waist, he slid his penis in, it hit the walls of my vagina and the songs of sexual cravings clouded my thoughts; I was having sexual healing.

My legs gripped his waist and with each strokes, I felt the pleasure climbing, it climbed higher to distances I never before met, he didn’t kid when he said my train will go past Orlando. I could perceive the stench of pleasure as the fan circulates it round the room. As he stroked I heard my moaning louder and he smiled he felt proud, his ego was fed by the songs of sex I sang and he kept building up pace, I knew our heart had synchronized same beats when his strokes were pounding as fast as my heart.

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Climbing higher by the second, and then he dragged me up to a sitting position and with his hands support in my waist he pulled up and down, and I heard my boobs clap. He gripped them and squeezed the nipple and my head pulled back, my breathing was hard, it began to escape through my lips in rhythmic tunes, chanting languages of probably ancient Greek. His eyes grew wider.

I kissed him and his lips tasted anew, like the juice only with honey, sugar and a lot of horny in it, I fiddled his nipple, and I heard him moan, I pushed him to his back and kissed his neck down to his nipple, he pushed me closer, I could hear the urge from his mourning sounds and felt it from the heat has skin emit.

I sat back up and twerked on his lap with his penis still inside of me,

“Fuck” he said and he sat back up pushing me to my back, he pulled out and took out two pillows from the bed and turned my belly facing down and supported my waist with the pillows again and he went in from behind, my brain froze, I sunk my face into the bed, I was chewing the bedspread and it didn’t seem so, he went in and speedy, my vagina felt a burning sensation.

He kept on going and I was screaming now, his adrenaline was pumped now he was fucking me I thought, then he slowed and made some chanting, pulled close and close and I felt him cum inside of me, and then he stoked it in a few moments more and he pulled off.

I laid straight down with my legs spread, I needed the fan now, not for pleasure no, it needed to cool off the steam, my vagina felt heated.

Like he knew he looked me, placed my legs on top his laps to ensure better ventilation and smiled

“Perhaps the quickie wasn’t this good, perhaps it was, but I know you didn’t need a fan to cool off”

I looked up and saw my shirt hanging on the bathroom door, I shook my head and enjoyed the feeling of him racing his fingers on my thighs.

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