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NO HOLDS BARRED!!! “Ntsiki’s skin is so thick of ntsila”: Somizi

The choreographer reality star says he’s looking forward to ‘roasting and circumcising’ the poet with everything he has.

In a series of interviews with The Citizen, popular local personality Somizi Mhlongo doesn’t hold back on what he really thinks about some of the other stars who’ve been selected by Comedy Central to be part of the panel that will be roasting him next month.

The format of the show is that Mhlongo will be subjected to cutting jokes at his expense, but it will ultimately also honour his fame. Most importantly, he will have the final opportunity to fire back at all those who insult him during the show – and his “roasters” had better be careful because he won’t be holding back.

Mhlongo will be the third “roastee”, following Steve Hofmeyr in 2012 and Kenny Kunene in 2014. The show will be flighted on May 7 on DStv’s Comedy Central.

The panel includes Gareth Cliff, DJ Fresh, Nomzamo Mbatha, comedian Skhumba Hlophe, poet Ntsiki Mazwai and former police minister Fikile Mbalula.

Somizi says he has a very thick skin, so will be able to handle any insult that comes his way. Hopefully the panel will too. In the clip below he talks about controversial poet and Twitter celeb Mazwai, who he says must also have a thick skin because she apparently baths so infrequently.

He won’t be planning a script but will merely fire back ad lib at the others after making notes on what they end up saying about him.

He told The Citizen that with “Ntsiki it’s gonna be personal”.

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“I want to roast her and circumcise her with everything that I have.

“Because Ntsiki … she just blabbers … and offends people. And she thinks this world is … she can just wake up and say s**t about people. And it’s okay.

“She has a bad way of looking for attention. So this is a way to speak my heart as well.

“Unfortunately with Ntsiki, I think she’s thicker-skinned than most of us … and not thick-skinned because she’s thick skinned. She’s thick-skinned because she hasn’t taken a bath in a long time.

“So her skin is so thick of … ntsila [dirt]. So … they must call her Ntsila Mazwai.”

Watch the clip below:

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