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THE BILL SAGA!!! Slay queens’ R37k drinks bill was paid in full – nightclub

A Nelspruit club has disputed claims that a man left a group of women with a bill of approximately R37 000 after a night out on the town.

A statement from Zero13 management on their Facebook page sought to set the record straight after the story of a group of ‘slay queens’ who were allegedly left in the lurch by a “blesser” started making the rounds on social media.

The video appears to show the partygoers debating how they were going to cough up the money for, amongst other things, 15 bottles of Veuve Clicquot Rich, a bottle of cognac and a bottle of 18-year-old single malt whiskey.

“The stories are completely untrue and fabricated, the bill was paid and there were no issues as implied. We would like to ask people to refrain from reposting or posting these stories as they are unfounded and far from true,” the statement said.

One of the women in the party also posted a clarification of the bill saga on Facebook but deleted the post a short while later.

She claims the video was made by one of the men in the party who just wanted to show off the gigantic drinks bill.

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