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‘F**K YOU!!!’ Rapper Rouge HITS BACK at haters and body shamers!

Rapper Rouge is gatvol of people thinking that talent is all about beauty, and issued a stern warning to haters and body shamers this week.

In an video posted to her social media account on Thursday, Rouge addressed the criticism after her Best Female Award win at the SA Hip-Hop Awards last month.

“I would like to dedicate this video to everybody who is involved in the conversation of Best Female and feel that it is based on how we look and that it plays such a major key. I would like to say: f**k you!  I mean that from the bottom of my soul, f**k you so much, to the depth of my soul.”

She also addressed those who had criticised her trademark red hair, telling them she would not change for them.

“I just want guys to know that if I want to keep this hair until I am like 105, I will. If I want to wear something that covers me from neck to the friggin bottom of my soul, I will. Guess what is going to happen? Nothing. My music is still going to slay. My bars are still going to be absolute fire, whether you like it or not. Until that changes, f**k you.”

Watch the video below.

ATTENTION! Public service #women #haters #sexist #feminist #hip-hop #love

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