Ntando Mthethwa Gushes Over Her ‘Pastor’ Husband Khaya Mthethwa

Ntando Mthethwa Gushes Over Her ‘Pastor’ Husband Khaya Mthethwa! Hashtag Ntando Mthethwa is blessed to be married to a Pastor. The former beauty queen recently opened up about being a Pastor’s wife to singer Khaya in an interview with Isolezwe.

Ntando who comes from a religious family herself, shared that she was welcomed with open arms from Khaya’s church as the Pastor’s wife.

“Everything happened quickly and we made a decision to get married. I’m a pastor’s wife now and the congregations welcomed me with open arms,” she said.

“Khaya is a good a man and I have learnt a lot from him, especially since we started living together. Even though he is away a lot for work, he is a loving and caring husband.”

I like this guy in particular ?

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