LEAVE US ALONE!!! Black Twitter blasts AKA for bizarre tweets!

AKA may have barked up the wrong tree when he recently tried after he suggested that Mzansi switch channels when they see company’s using foreign stars in their adverts and not local ones.

AKA took to his Twitter pulpit to deliver a lengthy address on local stars getting coins from endorsements. After listing Diddy as one of his inspirations, the Star Signsrapper went on to warn brands to wake-up about using local artists before it is too late, and told fans to switch the channel if they don’t listen.


While AKA had some followers acting all fierce after his speech, not everyone was running for the door to sign up for his revolution.

They raised their objections in the comments section, with the biggest problem from the #HandsOffRoss squad being whether AKA is going to pay people’s DStv accounts.

But AKA was dodging the negativity like a politician avoiding state capture questions and told his flock that he’s done preaching.

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