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iFani opens up about broke rumours


The musician has opened up about his strained relationship with his mother, explaining that a recent spiritual awakening helped him realise the role that she played in his life.

Speaking to AB Dacosta on UJ FM, iFani explained that his relationship with his mother has always been difficult because she was never there for him.

“It was very sour. It was rotten. I ran away from home. Throughout my whole life she was just that lady that wasn’t there. But as soon as the money came in she was knocking on my door coming with all kinds of problems.”

He says that while he was resentful at first, thinking that he was simply being used by his own mom as a cash cow, he has slowly realised the part she has played in his life.

“During my spiritual awakening I realised that if it wasn’t for her I wouldn’t have ran out on my own. Because of her I became my own man. I was able to express things about what happened musically. Now I understand her role in my life and I am able to look at her and say ‘I accept you as you are.'”

iFani says that his life in the public eye has made him realise that  he was searching for “things” instead of happiness.

“I was in it for a million. But as I went on I kept waiting for the happiness. And the more money I got the happier I thought I would be. I wasn’t. Now I realise that it’s not about what you do, it’s about who you are.”

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iFani has spent some time out of the limelight and his disappearance led to speculation that he was broke. He admits that he has lost most of his money because he was feeding a void in his life. “I lost most of it. I was spending. You try to fulfill yourself by buying things.”

He also confessed that after his fourth album is released he will be leaving the music industry, but before then, he says he has a lot to do.

“I will donate at least a hundred million to education. I’m on my second quadrant. After my fourth I’m done. So by that time I will give that money to education.”

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