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“HE BROKE MY VIRGINITY”!!! Ntando Duma On Junior de Rocka!

In a candid recent interview on ‘Real Talk With Anele’, Ntando Duma opened up about having her daughter soon after her Memulo and her relationship with the father of her child, Hip Hop DJ, Junior de Rocka.

Ntando shared that she knew she was going to have a baby before she broke her virginity to her baby daddy. “He (Junior) bought me a teddy bear and I called it Sbahle, so we’d call each other, ‘baba kaSbahle and mama kaSbahle’. It was like that, we never called each other baby,” she said.

Ntando says then she fell pregnant with a real baby whom they called Sbahle. Ntando says when social media went crazy over her boobs saying she had had a boob job, that’s when she knew she was pregnant.

On telling her mom, Ntando says she was a little nervous because it was soon after her Memulo. Ntnado says her mom wasn’t disappointed. “When I’m fine, she’s fine, when I’m not, she’s not,” Ntando said on her mother.

On her break up with her baby daddy which happened when she was still pregnant, Ntando says they are fine now but she thought they’d last forever.

“We’re broken up, it’s (been) a year and months now. I’m fine with it now and I’m glad I can speak about it now because at first I was really crazy, I was in denial cause I really thought…he was the first and I really thought he was going to be the last. I could see the future with Junior but unfortunately it didn’t work out.”

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