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Find out what women DO in bed to prevent their partner from cheating

Do you spend ages on foreplay or jump straight to the final act?

According to new research, British ladies typically spend 105 minutes teasing and pleasing their guys between the sheets – but they have an ulterior motive.

Women take the time to satisfy their partner in a hidden agenda to stop them straying, a new study reveals.

They believe the longer they occupy their fellas, the more they will exhaust them and reduce their desire to have a fling.

But females also make the effort to spice things up between the sheets by experimenting with sexy acts.

Some tactics include licking melted chocolate and whipped cream from each others’ bodies or even streaming bedroom romps to strangers.

Other couples enjoy experimenting with sex toys, sensually eating fruit and using ice to create cool sensations on the skin.

The study, by affairs site Victoria Milan, quizzed 12,670 men from 21 countries to find out how much time their female lovers spend keeping them satisfied.

Founder and CEO of Victoria Milan, Sigurd Vedal, said women will exhaust their husband with foreplay and keep their knowledge of adventurous sexual trends up to date – to stop him from straying.

Sigurd said: “There’s an old adage from a mother to her daughter: in order to avoid your husband being interested in other ladies you should spend all your husband’s money and ensure he is sexually exhausted and doesn’t even have the energy to look at another woman.

“The bedroom must remain sacred in order for a relationship to remain passionate, romantic and erotic.

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“Conversations regarding instalment of car payments, your children’s school lives or the general humdrum should never take place in the bedroom.”

Number of minutes dedicated to bedroom bliss with the hidden agenda of exhausting husbands: 

South Africa – 124

Ireland – 152

Sweden – 135

Poland – 131

Germany – 130

Austria – 128

Hungary – 128

Italy – 126

Denmark – 124

Switzerland – 122

Greece – 120

Czech Republic – 117

Spain – 112

France – 111

Norway – 109

United Kingdom – 105

South Africa – 102

Netherlands – 100

Canada – 99

US – 94

Belgium – 94

Finland – 90

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