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Fans Slam Nick Young For Dissing Chris Brown


Nick Young has bigger fish to fry than Chris Brown. After the basketball star spoke out against the rapper’s gun use and standoff with the police, fans are coaxing Nick to ‘worry about French Montana’ instead, since he was just photographed kissing Nick’s ex, Iggy Azalea!

Fans are NOT happy with Nick Young, 31. The basketball star, who released a video of himself laughing at Chris Brown‘s, 27, latest violent outburst against partygoer Baylee Curran, is being RIPPED apart by fans on social media. Fans are furious that Nick would make such an insensitive video, so they’re using his ex-fiancée, Iggy Azalea, as ammo to destroy his ego. Iggy was recently photographed locking lips with French Montana, which MUST make Nick’s blood boil. Check out the comments!


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“You need to worry about French Montana smashing your fiancée” — OUCH, that is one EPIC diss! Granted, Nick and Iggy split in June after there was talk of him cheating, but the fact that she’s moved on so quickly must hurt. The Los Angeles Laker was prompted to make the video after Chris pointed a GUN at a woman who was admiring pieces of jewelry at his Tarzana home, according to TMZ. In the video, Nick LAUGHS at Chris’ behavior, and urges him to “move and get away from here.” The most recent update on the “Zero” singer is that he was ARRESTED for assault with a deadly weapon, and could end up serving time in prison.

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Unfortunately, this isn’t Chris’ first run-in with the police, NOR is it the first time he’s violently lashed out towards a woman. Chris was charged with TWO felonies in 2009 while he was datingRihanna. One night before a red carpet event, Rihanna confronted Chris about some mysterious texts on his phone from random women. Chris completely LOST IT and wound up assaulting Rihanna by hitting her in the face! When will he learn his lesson?

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