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TWAR!!! Bonang Matheba responds to Dineo Ranaka’s disrespectful remarks!

Bonang Matheba has responded to Dineo Ranaka’s disrespectful remarks about her in the best way she knows how – with some classy shade.

Dineo came under fire a few days ago for calling Queen B a “classy straatmate” (which basically means a ‘hood rat’) on her radio show.

“Dineo Ranaka calling Bonang classy straatmate on national radio!! Wow,” one Twitter user wrote.

Another added: “Dineo Ranaka with a failed music career and failed fashion line, the very same Dineo who beat up her personal assistant and cursed out her baby daddy’s assistant for doing her job, is calling other woman straatmate? Lol What a joke my darling.”


Dineo did not back down from her remarks, telling the BForce (in a since-deleted tweet, we might add) “I’ll talk about her as much as I want!”

Bonang, who was busy enjoying her best life at New York Fashion Week, took time out of her busy schedule to indirectly address the matter.

When one of her fans tweeted about a radio personality who liked being spicy, Queen B had a good idea why.

“They kinda have to, or else their shows don’t trend.”

Dineo replaced Bonang as co-host of Metro FM’s The Front Row when Queen B resigned last year, after allegedly being told about changes to the show only an hour before it began.

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Metro FM denied the claim.

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